Windermere Home Owners Association, Inc.

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Windermere HOA Board

The Windermere Board consists of five (5) unpaid/uncompensated volunteers who also have ‘day jobs’ and family responsibilities.  These Board members are also your neighbors and residents of Windermere proper, who devote many hours of service to our community---all in an effort to keep Windermere a wonderful place to live.  

The Board members meet monthly, often times for two (2) or more hours with our property management company, to discuss issues and concerns of our residents and neighborhood.  All matters presented to the Board are taken seriously and discussed openly and candidly in an effort to serve our residents, determine what is in the best interest of our community as a whole, and what can be done consistent with the Windermere Declaration of Covenants each of us agreed to live and abide by when we purchased our homes.  

All residents are a part of a Homeowner's Association (HOA).  A ‘HOA’ is, by definition, homeowners with similar goals for maintenance of commonly areas, and similar goals with respect to improvements and enforcement of regulations (i.e. Covenants).  Our HOA, though your elected Board, is responsible for managing community finances and enforcing the guidelines in our covenants.  Collecting unpaid assessments, enforcing the association's governing documents, handling disputes and dealing with contractors are just a few of the issues both the Management company and the Board does for you.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to support the Windermere community, and run in the annual elections to become a board member, or maybe help with one of the smaller groups that support the board's efforts, please visit this page on volunteering your time for more information.

Important - For the latest updates, and other neighborhood information, please visit our Latest Updates blog.

If you want to see more of Windermere, here is our new and growing set of pictures of our great neighborhood.  

If you would like to submit your pictures of the neighborhood to be considered to be added, please visit this page.

To view the Annual HOA Meeting Presentation - click here




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