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Windermere Pool Opening Details


From last night’s monthly HOA board meeting - Good News!!!   The Windermere pool will be opening Sunday May 24th at 11am as permitted by Stage 3 of the “Back on Track Indiana” plan.  Following CDC, Indiana State Department of Health and Fishers Health Department requirements, here is some of what you can expect:


The pool occupancy will be limited to 50% normal bather load capacity (normally 210, reduced to 105 persons) with 6 foot spacing.  If this maximum capacity is reached, there may be a wait to enter the pool facility.  (We are working on a notification system)


Pool furniture will be placed individually and in pairs, spaced 6 feet apart.  You will not be allowed to move the pool furniture.


Bringing your own chairs into the pool will not be allowed.


Parties or group gatherings will not be allowed this year.


Extra cleaning procedures during the day will be conducted by Pyle’s staff.


Unfortunately, we will not be selling memberships to non-residents this year to ensure our Windermere homeowners have full access to the pool given the 50% occupancy.  We know this puts a damper on activities with our neighbor friends, but you can always have them accompany you and use guest passes.


Given this new information and guidelines, if anyone who has already purchased a pool membership would like, you may cancel your membership and receive a full refund.  Just send an email to pool @ by May 23rd and include your membership name and address in the email.


We have also extended the early bird discount until May 23rd.



Pool membership orders will be available for pickup at the pool starting at 11am on Sunday, May 24th.


These new pool policies and procedures are subject to change as directed by State and Local officials.  Stay safe and let’s have a great summer at the pool!






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