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Updated November 12, 2020

Fishers 5G Cell Tower Deployment Information    (This link contains comprehensive information about 5G Towers)


Fishers Permit Application Waiver Resolution   (This link describes the waiver process enacted August 10, 2020)


Fishers Permit Search    (Search by Fishers Permit # found on map for each tower location)



Received October 30, 2020


Good morning Windermere,

The residents in your community will be receiving letters in the coming days. The letter will instruct the residents to work with their property management companies or HOA Boards to identify alternative areas to locate 5G poles. The City has started a new process for the Verizon 5G location approval. We are determined to meet with all HOA and property management groups in the coming weeks to discuss possibilities. In an effort to mutually agree on the placement of the 5G structures, we want to have a conversation about City recommendations, Verizon’s requirements and expectations from you and the people in your community. We hope that this process will be more collaborative and transparent as we work through selecting a location for this new infrastructure. Due to Federal and State law, the City of Fishers has limited ability to prevent or regulate the application or the placement of any 5G structure.

Crosswinds at Windermere, Woods Edge At Windermere, & Windermere Pointe have structures pending approval. The City would like for you to build a list of recommendations. This list will be reviewed alongside all public comments received for this neighborhood. The goal is to have a meeting with your neighborhood representatives, Verizon Wireless and the City of Fishers. By the end of the meeting we hope to solidify the location of the structure. I would strongly urge you to follow-up with impacted property owners to capture their concerns and thoughts, if you have not done so already. Feel free to use the tool below to capture feedback.

Would your team be available to meet on 11/6 or 11/13 between 10AM and 3PM?

*If these should be separate conversations, please let me know.

Please share recommendations with me as soon as possible. I will schedule a virtual meeting soon after. Please provide additional contacts as needed. Let me know if you have any questions.

For HOA / Property Mngt use:

  • Link to submit recommendations on behalf of HOA or Property management group:

  • Link to map/ Pole ID:


Best regards,

Gerrod Franklin


Assistant Director, Community Engagement

P 317.595.3129



5G Pole / Fixture Example      



Fishers 5G Cell Tower Deployment Information


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