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Windermere 2021 Assessment


Windermere Residents,

On December 10th, we held our Windermere HOA Annual Meeting where we announced that the HOA assessment for 2021 is $523.00


The break down is:

Trash Service:           $132.00

HOA Assessment:    $391.00

TOTAL:                 $523.00


Due to an error made by our management company, KMC, annual bill statements have been mailed with an incorrect amount of $530.  PLEASE DO NOT PAY FROM THIS BILL / COUPON.  Replacement coupons are currently being printed and mailed with the correct amount of $523.00 (at no additional cost to the HOA by the way).  You have until January 31, 2021 to pay the 2021 assessment of $523.00.   Please help spread the word to fellow Windermere Residents about this billing error and wait for the correct coupons to arrive before paying. 


Windermere HOA Board of Directors






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