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Monday - Labor Day pool update


Several home owners / pool members asked if we could keep the pool open past Labor Day.  The Board of Directors checked into the possibility with the pool management company, reviewed recent pool usage statistics and looked carefully at the weather forecast for the next 3 weeks of September.  The board decided that the very high additional operation and staff costs for 2 weeks, recent attendance levels and the forecast of cooler weather in the next two weeks would not be conducive to keeping the pool open longer, outside of our normal pool management contract.  


However, the weather looks great for Monday, Labor Day and we will be expanding the pool hours of operation from 4pm-7pm to new hours of 11am until 8pm on Monday – Labor Day.  In addition, we would like to invite new and existing Windermere home owners who are not currently pool members to join us Monday for a free day. 



- The pool will be open Monday September 7th with expanded hours of 11am until 8pm (last day of the pool season)


- Windermere residents who are not pool members are invited to enjoy the pool as a free day.  (You must be a Windermere resident and will required to sign in and agree to the pool rules.  Residents only - outside guests are not allowed. ) 


- Normal pool rules apply including all COVID-19 policies.  Use the HOA web site to check the current pool occupancy level.



Winderere Boad of Directors






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