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Exterior changes require HOA approval


REMINDER:  All Windermere homeowners are required to obtain written approval for exterior changes or improvements to their home prior to starting any work.  This includes any improvement that changes the exterior color, style or appearance of your home.  The approval process starts with an application / request for change.  The Windermere Architecture Review Committee (ARC) then reviews the application and plans to make sure they comply with the Windermere HOA Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CCR’s) and fit with the aesthetics of our community.  This process helps us maintain a consistent appearance in our community while protecting our home values.


Examples of some changes that would require HOA approval:

- Any addition to the exterior of your home such as a fence, ball goal, play set, porch, deck, walkway, pool, etc.

- Any chage in color or style to the exterior of your home such as different window style, exterior painting that includes a color change, door replacements, new roof, enlarged driveway, decks or walkways.

- Major landscaping changes, additions and mature tree removal. 



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